Monday, 17 July 2017

mental image

CC0 public domain pixabay

I have a retired neighbour who walks by the house walking his dog every day. He is a philosopher so needless to say we rarely talk about the weather. Yesterday was poetry and by extension songs.

He asked first if I liked poetry then why. I said recently I haven't read much poetry, (time and distractions) but do hear songs. 

The conversation on poetry, and by extension songs, took many turns. things like rhyme and rhythm helping us remember accurately or how some are encrypted and hard to figure out like a cryptic crossword. I'm not so into the tricky ones myself. What I said I like most is the way a writer can convey a sense of things that is both exact and inexact at the same time. A thought, a description or an emotion is painted in words that we see and feel in our own way. 

As a creative photographer also you start with a mental image and then try to make and images that convey the subtleties of your vision through signs, symbols and significations.

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