Sunday, 9 August 2015

up and coming

I was asked to do a portfolio review a few days ago for some students at CATC in Sydney. At many student exhibitions there may be one stand out or some good ideas imperfectly executed but this trio presented a three out of three of excellent work on very different themes. They had really well formed concepts and cut back the images to make a strong statement. Each portfolio was presented differently and in a way that suited the subject and they were technically excellent. rather than feel we were seeing diamonds in the rough I had a feeling I also was being presented with something to aspire to myself.

HEATHER RAADGEVER presented a series on loss that is not currently on her website. I was at once delicate and strong and brooding. The images contained only a few beautifully rendered items but this minimalist beauty led you to capture a deeper mood of yearning and sadness. The images are presented in the form of a book with beautiful pastel images printed on art paper. The book format allows you to see one or two at a time and dwell on them before seeing the rest.

MICHELLE LAKE presented as series of large prints of landscapes. We all felt they reminded us of something. Not particular geographic places but archetypal places that we hold in our mind from life, dreams, books and movies. Once again beautifully printed with intricate texture and detail in the darkest and lightest areas without making it feel like we were looking at an over manipulated image. She has an uncommon eye for taking a common scene and making magic.

REBECCA MORRIN presented a folio of food and still life photographs that are impeccable. The images are clean and inviting and most importantly mouth watering. I liked the contras between her light and airy daylight shots and the crisp lit shots on gloss black. Her work was also presented in book form but I noticed it rendered even better on screen ( they looked great printed). This is not a problem but in fact a good thing as her ambition is blogging and instagramming and her images will have to draw attention on the small screen where images tend to be small and consumed quickly.