Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Felix Kwan

I went to the opening of a new show at contact sheet gallery in St Leonards yesterday where I saw some exciting street photography by Felix Kwan. The show is called "Curiositas" and is a series of exposures of people in a busy street. Those standing still are sharp. People smoking or having a pensive moment. The rest are blurred to different degrees depending on their speed or if they have come too close to the lens. The image are overall well composed and have a first layer tha quickly gets your attention. As you look there are more interesting zones both in the detailed and the abstract areas. To do this kind of work that you can't direct you need to go a place where you expect something to happen then try and seize the best moments. Later you need a real willingness to discard what you wanted to work but which didn't and to identify what does work even if it was really accidental like a test exposure.